Pentium Dual Core E2220 EXTREME : Preview

Pentium Dual Coreブランドではおそらく最高性能になるであろうE2220に関する話です。


Core 2 Duoブランドの下位として存続するPentium Dual Coreブランドですが、FSBとL2を下げて仮想化支援をカットしたものなんですね。
未だにCeleron Dを使っている自分としてはどのモデルを選択してもスペックアップしかありませんから、羨ましいです:P


  • Pentium E2220(2.4GHz/800MHz/L2 1MB/65W/no VT)
  • Pentium E2180(2.0GHz/800MHz/L2 1MB/65W/no VT)    →$84
  • Pentium E2160(1.8GHz/800MHz/L2 1MB/65W/no VT)  $84→$74
  • Pentium E2140(1.6GHz/800MHz/L2 1MB/65W/no VT)  $71→$64

安い割に性能が良く、オーバークロックで強者はすでに 4018 MHzのスコアをたたき出しているみたいです。


It is the story regarding E2220 with the Pentium Dual Core brand perhaps it becomes the highest efficiency and.

Some days ago E2180 became start of sale.

It is the Pentium Dual Core brand which continues as a subordinate position of the Core 2 Duo brand, but lowering FSB and L2, with thing something which cuts imagination conversion support the shank.
Still, selecting whichever model as yourself who uses Celeron D, because there is only specifications rise, it is enviable, is: P

Because E2180 is 2.0GHz, unpublished E2200 is 2.2GHz.
And E2220 of this subject becomes 2.4GHz, so is.

Announcement time and price are unclear, but

* Pentium E2220 (2.4GHz/800MHz/L 21 MB/65W/no VT)
* Pentium E2180 (2.0GHz/800MHz/L 21 MB/65W/no VT) →$84
* Pentium E2160 (1.8GHz/800MHz/L 21 MB/65W/no VT) $84→$74
* Pentium E2140 (1.6GHz/800MHz/L 21 MB/65W/no VT) $71→$64

When with is said you look at the flow which, E2200 below last 100 dollars. It means that also E2220 is sold for about 120 dollars or less probably will be?

Cheap comparatively efficiency is good, the fighter like already it has started hitting the score of 4018 MHz with the over clock.

Time thinking, it may appear in the inside beginning of the year of year, don't you think? is.
There is also the equilibrium of AMD and…
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