Windows Live Hotmail 5GB Free

いろいろなところで話題になっていますが、MicrosoftのフリーのWebメール「Windows Live Hotmail」の容量が5GBになりました。 あと、Outlookとの連携などWebメールとしての機能も強化されています。 試しにログインしてみると、Windows Live Hotmail上ではちゃんと5GBになってました。
でも日本語の公式サイトはまだ2GBのまま・・・ Webメールに関して思うのはこんな莫大な容量を使用するユーザーは全体の1%にも満たないのに、何故ここまで容量競争に走るのだろうか? そうは言うものの、やっぱり容量が多い方がお得な気がするし、(容量が不足すると言うことはないだろうけど)いざという時に安心できる。 こんな風に引き合いに出されるGoogleが少し可哀想・・・ でもそれだけ、インパクトは強かったんですね。 それなのに何故、今、Googleは他社に遅れをとっているのか!? あと、有料サービスのWindows Live Hotmail Plusは10GBに拡張されました。 このWindows Live Hotmail Plusの料金なのですが、ちょっと調べてみましたが載っていない。 有償とは書いてあるのですが・・・
At the various places it has become topic, but capacity of the Web mail “Windows of the free of Microsoft Live Hotmail” became 5GB. Also function as a Web mail such as cooperation with after and Outlook is strengthened. When login it tries doing in trial, on Windows Live Hotmail becoming properly 5GB, it increased. So as for the official sight of Japanese while still it is 2GB… As for thinking in regard to the Web mail as for the user which uses such an enormous capacity although it is not full even in entire 1%, why it probably will run to capacity competition to here? So, although you say, the one whose capacity is many after all does profit the air there are no times when and, (capacity becomes insufficient, however probably will be,) at the critical moment you can feel at rest. Hotmail reception capacity in 5GB - - even in country in 2 times that Gmail - @IT Google which is put out to the inquiry in such a wind a little yes 哀 thought… So just that, impact was strong, it is with the shank. Although that it is, why, now, as for Google, you have lagged behind to other companies whether!? After, Windows Live of charge service Hotmail Plus was expanded to 10GB. It is to be the fee of this Windows Live Hotmail Plus, but just a little it tried inspecting, but it has not been recorded. Compensation means being written, but… by Google Translate