Visual Studio 2008 日本語版 β2

MicrosoftはWindows向けの総合開発環境の”Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition”の日本語版を公開した。
Visual Studio 2005と同じくExpress Editionは無償で提供される。


今回からJ#は姿を消しVisual Basic,C#,C++そしてWeb Developerの4種類となる。

Microsoft Visual Studio® 2008 Beta 2 日本語版ダウンロード


Microsoft released the Japanese edition” of Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition” of the comprehensive development environment for Windows.
Visual Studio 2005 similarly, Express Edition is offered being gratuitous.

Release of formal edition has aimed toward 2008 first quarter from 2007 end of year.
The WPF application development which uses XAML is possible from this version.

J# disappears from this time and becomes 4 types of Visual Basic, C#, C++ and Web Developer.

 As for actually download from this
 Microsoft Visual Studio® 2008 Beta 2 Japanese edition download

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