DIY Segway Looks Like Modded Golf Caddy

via セグウェイを1000ドル以下でDIY(動画) : Gizmodo Japan(ギズモード・ジャパン)


【 1 】 1000ドル切る低予算で
【 2 】 23kg(50lbs)未満の軽量におさえ
【 3 】 体重をもたせかけるとハンドルが切れて(“lean steering”)
【 4 】 ドアも通れる






via Segway-hey!: DIY Segway Looks Like Modded Golf Caddy - Gizmodo

It can make the bright person of the foreign country with anything, don't you think? is: P

【 1 】 1000 dollars it is low in the budget which is cut
【 2 】 23kg (50lbs) lightweight holding down under
【 3 】 When give the weight you apply, the steering wheel turning, (“lean steering”)
【 4 】 It can pass also the door

With it produces with the goal which is said.

As for the eye which was seen at all either the air like the kickboard is not done, original Segway was possible.

There is a video where original Segway is moving to “via " link really.

That compared to you were impressed to the height of stability of the birthplace Segway.
That you thought whether more there is a monocycle peril, but if this Woz large it is the expectation which is extolled: P

As for Segway of birthplace 900,000 Yen in price
In Japan it cannot run the public road.
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