2007 Desktop Linux Survey results revealed

via Ubuntu/openSUSEの2強体制になるのか!? - DesktopLinux.comが調査結果発表 マイコミジャーナル





Recently, that topic it is the Linux desktop, but Linux 2007 and the result of market survey of Linux application are open what.

When you see with classified by distribution, as for the result Ubuntu of according to expectation the foremost rank. It seems that also SUSE extends vote but in order in Japan for Fedora to be popularity, you think.

Even in addition also the result of desktop environment and Web browser Mailer etc is published.

It was written even in the article, but the application which has execution environment even with other OS of Firefox and Thunderbird etc share is large, you can agree upon sensuously.
Have done environment with Windows and Ubuntu joint ownership (making use of extended function and the like) by your through Firefox the feeling that is strong, and, most you use and you would like to use those which are accustomed, is.
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