"How to Steal Cars - A Practical Attack on KeeLoq

via 自動車キーロック・盗難防止装置の暗号を簡単に破る攻撃法が発見される - Engadget Japanese

昔の映画なら、ダッシュボードに潜ってケーブルを弄ったら車が動いた! と言うのに、今では暗号解読で窃盗ですか。



Just with method of theft of digital age the shank.
If the movie of former times, diving into the dashboard, when it fumbled the cable, the car moved! Although with you say, now it is theft with code-breaking?

Simply, because the fact that the same encryption is adopted the principal automaker (the HONDA Toyota Chrysler GM Volkswagen jaguar and the like) is to tell the truth enormous situation!?

While it becomes convenient, it is dangerous, it is with the shank.
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