Google: Buy Adobe for Video!

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もしかしたら、近い将来Creative Suiteがオンラインで提供されることになるんでしょうか:P

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Very you think that it is funny opinion.

Because the technology of Flash is used with such as YouTube, it opposes to Microsoft which provides everything at the respective company, purchasing Adobe, if those of Google it does the technology of Flash, it is good.

High speed communication below is serviced and Google setting forth video announcement to the background, it causes the fact that the video contents are developmental explosively, it becomes the tasty result for both corporations of Google and Adobe, (expectation?

Simply, because Adobe 30,000,000,000 dollar is close, it is a little high,…

Perhaps, when it does, it means that Creative Suite is offered in the near future the online it is probably will be: P
You look at that it becomes so in dream.
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