iPod Touch - the New Flagship iPod

via 新Video iPodこと「iPod Touch」のスペック?! - 気になる、記になる…

さて、信頼できるか出来ないかは難しい情報サイト 9 to 5 Mac が今度は新型iPodの情報(噂)を公開しています。
前回の新型iPod nanoの情報などがあるので真偽は分かりません:P


 ・組み込み型のMac OSX搭載
 ・Cover Flow機能搭載のiPod OS



 ・価格 もちろんこれが重要です!


via iPod Touch - the New Flagship iPod | 9 to 5 Mac

Well, whether you can rely on or you are not possible, difficult information sight 9 to 5 Mac is open this time information of new model iPod (rumor).
Because there is information and the like of previous new model iPod nano, as for authenticity you do not understand: P

 ・As for the deep water of the substance not to be the silver, black
 ・Like iPhone it does not have roundness
 ・As for speaker and microphone non loading
 ・It is a little thick

 ・Mac OSX loading of embedded type
 ・Resolution of display
 ・Cover Flow functional iPod OS of loading
 ・As for button just foam/home navigation buttons 1

It seems, is.

Not only this, also wish being written by the birthplace sight it increases.

 ・Being able to set drive (it replaces??
 ・Price of course this is important!
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