Amazon leaks price, date of first Windows Home Server box

via AmazonにWindows Home Server搭載機の情報が… - 気になる、記になる…

このBlogでも何度か話題にしているWindows Home Serverですが、気の早いAmazonさんはHP社の搭載機が登場しているみたいです。

Sempron 1.8GHzを搭載しリリースは9月15日になっています。


WindosXP MCEが思ったよりも日本では流行らなかったらしいので、もしかしたら日本でWindows Home Serverは発売しないのかな!?

Several degrees it is Windows Home Server which has been made topic even with this Blog, but Amazon where the air is quick is like on-board machine of the HP corporation has appeared.

There will be 2 models of 599 dollars and 749 dollars, the hard disk 500GB or 1TB probably will put out the difference of each one, is.
Sempron 1.8GHz is loaded and release has been September 15th.

The difference with the NAS does not understand, but the sale in Japan when becomes time kana?

Rather than WindosXP MCE thinking, in Japan it was not popular, because it seems, when perhaps it does, it does not sell Windows Home Server in Japan!?
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