Ruby Logo Contest

via Rubyの公式ロゴ募集中! 腕に覚えがあるグラフィックデザイナは挑戦を | マイコミジャーナル Ruby on Railsで一躍有名になった国産プログラミング言語のRubyですが、このたびロゴマークを新たに募集するそうです。
これが現在のロゴマーク。 何が問題かというと、ルビーとしては認識できますがプログラミング言語の「Ruby」としては分かりにくいという事らしいです。 確かに・・・ そこで腕に覚えのあるデザイナーの皆様はチャレンジしてみてはいかがでしょうか:P 賞金は10万円と、日本は国産言語の推進として教育機関で導入が進んでいるらしいので一躍有名になれるかも!? 最近話題になっているので勉強したいと思ってはいるのですが、ループとかをいちいち「end」で終わらせるのが嫌い。
It is Ruby of the domestic programming language which with Ruby ON Rails suddenly has become famous, but this each time the logographic mark is collected anew, so is. This present logographic mark. When you say, as a ruby you can recognize, but as “Ruby” of programming language the notion that where it is difficult to understand something problem it seems, is. Certainly… Everyone of the designer who has remembering in the arm trying challenging, how, probably will be then?: P As for the prize 100,000 Yen, as for Japan introduction is advanced with the education system as a promotion of domestic language, because it seems, it is accustomed to famous suddenly whether!? Recently, because it has become topic, thinking, that we would like to study, it is to enter, but the loop it is disliked to be able to finish one by one with “end”. by Google Translate