iPod Touch : Windows Bug

すでに各地で話題になっていますが、新しく発売されたiPod Touchの最初の同期をWindowsで行おうとすると、永遠に同期が終わらないらしいです。 最初の同期をMacOSXですませると以降は問題ないようです。 つまりこれはMacも一緒に買ってくれというApple社からのメッセージではないのだろうか!! でもここまで華麗にAppleが把握できなかったのは笑っちゃうな。 やっぱりWindowsマシンは一台も置いてないのか... どうやら今回の不具合で一時的に出荷が停止しているようです。 海外でこんな問題ありましたっけ?!
Already, at every place it has become topic, but when it tries probably to do the first same period of iPod Touch which is sold newly with Windows, same period does not end eternally, it seems, is. When it makes first same period be completed with MacOSX, later seems that is not problem. In other words this buys also Mac together and with it probably is not message from the Apple corporation which is said or!! So to here you laugh the fact that it cannot grasp Apple gorgeously Either after all as for the Windows machine one not being put?… It seems that shipment stops somehow temporarily with the latest trouble. Such a problem it was in the foreign country?! by Google Translate