Google Reader Adds Search

via Google Reader Adds Search

ついにGoogle Readerに検索機能が付きました。



  • サイドバーの右側をクリックしても非表示にできるようになる(これまでショートカットキー「u」で非表示にできた)。
  • 未読件数のカウントが最大1000件までに。
  • フォルダとフィードの間をforward と back ボタンで移動できる。



Search function was attached to Google Reader finally.
Always because you use, you were surprised to abrupt extensions: P

It is splendid in addition to the item of not yet reading and the star attachment to be able to search from the article which was read so far is.

When even keyword of the article which is skipped absent-mindedly you have remembered, it can read once more, those where until now it is not probably are function of strange extent.
It is possible also to search at the Blog unit, but when the number of registers is many, whether just a little serious. Here is the place where we want the function which is searched the classified by label.

Below it probably will start passing the extensions other than searching, is.

* Clicking the right side of the side bar, it can make non, indicatory it reaches the point where (with shortcut key “u” it could make so far non indicatory).
* Count of not yet reading number of cases to maximum of 1000 cases.
* Between the folder and the feed it can move with forward and the back button.

Most the top is to think that it was from several days ago, but…

Today is the day when update of Google service is many!!

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