Fun with the iPhone accelerometer

さて、200ドルも価格を下げたiPhoneは今が買いなのかもしれません。 しかし、一部では販売して3ヶ月しないのに大幅に価格を下げなければならいほど切羽詰まっているのかと言う意見もあります。
そんなこんなうちにiPhoneハックもついにiPhone独自拡張の分野にも突入しました。 iPhoneの3軸加速センサを利用する方法が発見された模様です。 昔のMacBookのハードディスク保護のための加速センサを使って作成されたライトセイバーを思い出します:P
ソースコードはこちら。 Medallia Blog: iPhone accelerometer source code
思うんですけど、新しいiPod touchのOS Xを搭載しているとすればこれらのハックが使えるのでしょうか? 実際に販売されるのが今月末なのでそれまでワクワクして待ちましょう。
Well, perhaps iPhone where also 200 dollars reduced price now it is buying. But, at part selling, although 3 months it does not do, if it does not reduce price substantially, you learn and that there is also the opinion which you say whether the extent heading you have been plugged. Into such a such also iPhone hack rushed finally even to individual field. It seems that the method of utilizing 3 axial acceleration sensor of iPhone is discovered. Using the acceleration sensor for the hard disk protection of MacBook of former times, you remember the light/write saber which was drawn up: P As for source code this. Medallia Blog: iPhone accelerometer source code You think, however it is, if we assume that OS X of new iPod touch is loaded, it probably is to be able to use these hack? Actually because the fact that it is sold now is end of the month the framework framework doing to that, it will wait. by Google Translate