Yahoo Mail Out of Beta; New Features

via TechCrunch Japanese アーカイブ » Yahoo Mailがベータ終了、新機能あり

  • すべてのユーザーが容量無制限
  • RSSリーダー内蔵
  • Windows Live MessengerともやりとりできるMessengerを内蔵
  • SMS/携帯メールに対応





  • All users capacity limitlessness
  • RSS leader built-in
  • Also Windows Live Messenger building in Messenger which can be exchanged
  • It corresponds to the SMS/portable mail

And so on and so on…
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Simply, if you say that there is one problem, “compensatory service” still remains.
To transfer POP, still year 20 it becomes dollar necessary.
This with Gmail being free, with the service which it can utilize, seems like the primary factor where somehow this still makes Gmail predominant.

Is not the case that we are wanted making Gmail separately limitless, is, but about Picasa at about year 50 dollar we want making at least capacity limitless, is.

Google. The mind air “of the ∞+1” went somewhere!?
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