Advanced/W-ZERO3 [es] new Color!

via ウィルコム、Advanced/W-ZERO3 [es]に「大人の女性」向けの新色 | マイコミジャーナル

WillCOMのスマートフォンのAdvanced/W-ZERO3 [es] に大人の女性向けの新色「ブラウニーブラック」を追加しました。






Advanced/W-ZERO3 of the smart phone of WillCOM [new color “brow knee black” for the woman of the adult was added to es].

You think that it is groovy gently.

As for modification other than color there is no no one.

It has been said Will COM “in we adopted the color which has the nuance impression of obtaining inspiration the “high-class chocolate”. Although being BASIC, personality you make feel, as for “brow knee black”, we have become the color which the woman of the adult on the center in the customer of wide layer to use it can receive.”.

There was a time when you think that we want being serious.

Don't you think? so, WillCOM is slow, it is, don't you think?.
Countryside it puts out,… orz
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