mootools gallery with XML parser

via [JS]mootools.jsを使用した気持ちいい動きをする画像ギャラリー | コリス

視覚エフェクトに強いイメージのあるjavascriptライブラリの mootoolsを使ったイメージギャラリーです。


日本でこの様なインターフェイスを採用している大きな所はやはり au by KDDIでしょうか。


It is the image gallery which used mootools of the javascript library which has the image which is strong in visual effect.


It is completed inside page 1 and, also the movement being COOL, as expected mootools!!

Is the big place which adopts this kind of interface in Japan after all probably au by KDDI?
Simply, because it is mounted with Flash, depending upon when perhaps there are also times when you feel heavily.

By yourself using this kind of interface, it is no oak you want, but especially it does, without either being ・・・☆rz
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