Magic: The Gathering :: Lorwyn Preview 1

自分がMagic The Gatheringを好きと言うことですのでこれからは取り入れていきたいと思います。
まず、新しいシステムとしては「Planeswalker」が採用されることです。 詳しくは分かりませんが、これまではテフェリーなどはPlaneswalkerとしての力を失ったあとの姿で登場していましたので、これらがどれだけ使えるのかは分かりません。 (良く見るとイラストが枠を飛び出してますね:P
あと、マーケティング用のムービーを置いておきます。 設定的にはおとぎ話のような雰囲気です。
Because it is to call Magic The Gathering the favorite by your we would like to keep adopting from now on. Something we would like to keep picking up the card of next term large-sized extract Passion “Lorwyn” who, becomes start of sale on October 12th. First, as a new system it means that “Planeswalker” is adopted. As for details you do not understand, but because so far after losing power as for Teferi and the like as Planeswalker, it had appeared with the form, these just which you do not understand whether you can use. When (you see carefully, illustration springing out, don't you think? it increases the framework: P After, it leaves the movie for marketing. Set it is the atmosphere as in grinding story. by Google Translate