Jotspot Coming to Google Apps as Google Wiki?

via Google To Launch Google Wiki
GoogleがコラボレーションWikiのJotSpotを買収して随分立ちましたが、来週開催される Office 2.0 ConferenceでGoogle Wikiを発表するのではないかという話。 ただ、気に掛かるのはGoogle Appsという形で提供された場合、一般ユーザは利用できるのだろうか? 確かに普通のユーザーがコラボレーションツールなど必要ないかもしれないが、Google NoteBookではもの足りず、Google Docを使うどのことでもないようなときに欲しいかも。 来週には結果が出ると思いますので期待しましょ。
Google purchasing JotSpot of collaboration, Wiki it stood extremely, but the story whether it is not to announce Google Wiki with Office 2.0 Conference which next week is held. Simply, as for being concerned when it was offered in a way, Google Apps, as for the general user it probably can utilize? Perhaps, the normal user collaboration and the like there is no necessity certainly, but any thing which uses bat not being enough and Google Doc with Google NoteBook is not being kind of when, whether we want. Because you think that next week the result is produced, you will expect. by Google Translate