Evidence of GDrive in Google Apps

via GDrive for Google Apps Closer to Reality?
ついに全世界待望のGDraiveが登場か!? 現在のGoogle Drive的なものと言えば、この様な年額でGmail・Picasaで利用できる限定的な物でした。 あくまでも噂の段階ですが、GDriveなるものがGoogle Appsに組み込まれるのではないかという話が出ています。 いくらGoogle自身がGDriveの計画を一時は公開したとしても、噂の段階を抜け出せていないのも事実です。 Googleジャンキーな私としましてはぜひ出てきて欲しい機能です。 時期的にGoogle Wikiなども発表も控えていそうなので、今年のGoogleもサプライズがありそうです:P
Finally the entire world long-awaited GDraive appearance!? If you mention present Google Drive ones, they were limited ones which with this kind of yearly amount can be utilized with Gmail Picasa. To the last, it is stage of rumor, but the subject has come up whether it does not mean that those which become GDrive are installed in Google Apps. A lot of Google itself the plan of GDrive temporarily assuming, that it released, also the fact that it has not sneaked away from the stage of rumor is fact. The Google John key as I it is the function which is wanted coming out by all means. Also Google Wiki and the like may refrain also announcement timewise, because is, Google of this year may be Surprise, is: P by Google Translate