AIR Web Browser = HTML + javascript

Adobe AIRですが、Flex(mxml) + ActionScript3.0 以外にも HTML + javascript でAIRアプリケーションを作成出来ます。
Flexでの作成はFlex Builderがないと心細いですが、HTMLならフリーソフトでも簡単にコーディングできますし、何よりも情報が多いので簡単に作れます。


ならHTML + javascriptにも代価になるやり方があるだろうと、Google先生に聞くこと3時間。

それは情報量が桁違いにHTML + javascriptよりもFlex(mxml) + ActionScript3.0の方が多いから。

そして、Flex(mxml) + ActionScript3.0で制作したAIRアプリケーションとHTML + javascriptで作成したAIRアプリケーションのメモリーの消費ですが、ほとんど変りません。
一見するとWebページを表示するのだからHTML + javascriptで制作した方が軽そうな気がするのですが・・・

あと、HTML + javascriptで作成したAIRアプリケーションはマウスホイールに対応していません。
Flex(mxml) + ActionScript3.0はきちんとマウスホイールに対応しているのに・・・







It is Adobe AIR, but Flex (mxml) with HTML + javascript AIR application can be drawn up in addition to + ActionScript3.0.
The compilation with Flex unless there is Flex Builder, is lonely, is, but HTML if it can code easily even with the free software and, because information is more than what, it can make simply.

So, this subject.

Rather than calling to the accuracy the Web browser, it is to be indication of the Web page, but with Flex <mx:html> tag is used, it actualizes with 1 lines.
If when there probably is a method which even in HTML + javascript reaches price, the thing 3 hour which hears in Google teacher.
You understood.
<iframe> is used, it seems, is.

It is honest story, but as for the development of AIR the one which was advanced with Flex is good decisively, is.
Because as for that the amount of information Flex (mxml) + ActionScript3.0 is more than HTML + javascript incommensurablly.

And, Flex (mxml) it is consumption of memory of the AIR application which produces with + ActionScript3.0 and the AIR application which with HTML + javascript was drawn up, but almost it does not change.
When it does at first glance, because the Web page is indicated, it means that the one which with HTML + javascript produces does so the air lightly but…

After, the AIR application which with HTML + javascript was drawn up does not correspond to the mouse wheel.
Flex (mxml) as for + ActionScript3.0 although securely it corresponds to the mouse wheel,…

It means that I of the beginner am worse than what but: D

This time it tried using Aptana of rumor in the environment which produces.

Aptana: The Web IDE

It tried using Windows in Stowe Ra edition, but when from first it tries starting, it corresponded to Japanese and, it can procure entirely from link of the start page where also AIR-related plug in and the like in first is indicated.

When note) reading the pass to the folder of AIRSDK with the configuration of Aptana, it is note, but if for example in C drive it thawed is with AIR_SDK, to with “C:\AIR _SDK” it is sufficient. When passing through Path of the programming java and the like, the way to “C:\AIR _SDK \ it was not necessary to input bin”.

As expected, it did not assist to AIR individual javascript, but it is delightful to indicate also the corresponding environment of the browser, is.

You can use this, you think that (you can play) it is environment for software development.
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