Hot Chips 19 AMD Next Generation mobile processor "Griffin"

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The next generation Mobile processor " Griffin " of AMD is the dual core processor which adopts 65nm process.
L2 cash of 1MB is loaded onto each core, TDP until recently becomes same 35W.
It seems that and, the basic part is produced, diverting the AMD64 series, as for AMD stresses to the north bridge.

We freed power source every core of CPU as a feature, we reached the point where it can do efficient control of electric power with this. By the fact that it tries to be able to manage the frequency of the processor at 8 stages not only that, it becomes possible and is connected to economical electrical conversion furthermore to reduce the power supply voltage of the core.

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The sale of Griffin which can expect economical electric power thoroughly with power source management is schedule of medium time 2008.

We want PC which even summer does not become hot…
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