Google phone coming in two weeks?

via グーグル電話「Gphone」、2週間以内に発売の噂:モバイルチャンネル - CNET Japan

さて、2週間以内にGoogle Phoneがインドおよび欧米で発売(発表でなく!!)という噂が発生した。


この記事の中でも書かれていることですが、Googleが広告モデルのために自らハードウェアを設計するというのはGoogleのビジネスモデルに合致せず、また、iPhone上でGoogle MapやGmailを展開しているGoogleがこの時期にiPhoneに対抗するハードを出すとも考えにくい。



Well, within 2 weeks Google Phone sale (not to be announcement in India or Europe and America!!)With the rumor which is said occurred.

It has been said Google

In regard to this rumor after assuming, that you do not comment, “we designate that access to information of the world is offered to the user as mission, the declaration that among those Mobile business everyday life has increased importance moment by moment”, was made.

It is to be written even in this article, but Google designs the hardware personally because of the announcement model not to coincide to the business model of Google, in addition, it puts out hard Google which develops Google Map and Gmail on iPhone opposes to iPhone in this time also it is difficult to think.

If Google you think that progressive service is offered, but to be hasty too much the air does within 2 weeks.
When 2 weeks you say, at the time when… Apple announces new model iPod, or the origin says the shank.

By any chance…
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