30+ Web Browsers

昨日紹介した30+ Firefox Themesと同じサイトですが、今度は各種プラットフォームの30種類のブラウザを紹介しています。

この中で気になるのは Flockでしょうか。


Yesterday it is the same sight as the 30+ Firefox Themes which is introduced, but this time the browser of 30 types of various platforms is introduced.

BROWSER TOOLBOX: 30+ Web Browsers

Is the fact that among these it becomes matter of concern probably Flock?
Originally, although it is the browser of the derivation of firefox, with only Windows environment it is too sad not to be able to use, and, it is fatal for compatibility of the extended function of firefox to be low devastatingly.
But, in order for there to be an alias of the social browser, the blog editor being built in, it reaches, can manage the photograph, it is the browser where the book mark can do the social book mark and cooperation and/or and so on from first can use.

It became the introduction of Flock, but the fact that I like is firefox.
Other than that it is not thought: P
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