Opera, the Real Google Browser

via Opera, the Real Google Browser 意訳すると「Operaは実質Googleのブラウザーである」といった感じ。 これは先日公開されたOpera9.5 alphaに盛り込まれた機能にあります。
その前に昔は有料(Livedoorで販売されていましたね)でその時に埋め込まれていた広告もGoogle Adsでした。 現在の無料化の背景にもGoogleなどからの広告収入があるというのも要因の一つです。 まず、新機能の履歴検索の機能はGoogle Desktopの様に自分の見たWebページの履歴を検索することが出来る。Google DesktopはまだOperaには対応していない。 また、Google Browser Syncの代わりになると言っても良いSync Bookmarksの機能が新しく盛り込まれる。 そして、これらの機能はWindows・Mac・Linux間で使用することが出来る。 The Building Blocks of Google Browserを読めばなぜ、この新しいOperaがGoogleブラウザーになるのか分かるらしいけど、そこまでの気力はないので各人読んでおくように:P でも、皮肉にもGoogleの提供するサービスの多くにOperaが完全対応出来ていないのは残念でしかたないです。
When you translate freely, the feeling that “Opera is the browser of substance Google”. As for this there is a function which is included in Opera9.5 alpha which some days ago is released. Before that former times was imbedded the pay (with Livedoor being sold, now to do, also the announcement which the seed) with that time was Google Ads. Also those where are one of the primary factor there are the announcement earnings from Google and the like even in the background of present free conversion. First, like Google Desktop to search the past record of the Web page which by your saw it is possible the function of Advanced Capability past record search. Google Desktop still does not correspond to Opera. In addition, the function of Sync Bookmarks which it is good saying that it becomes the substituting Google Browser Sync, is newly included. And, can these functions use between Windows Mac Linux. If The Building Blocks of Google Browser is read, why, you understand whether this new Opera becomes the Google browser however it seems, because there is no vigor to over there, way one by one you read: P In many of the service which Google offers to so and sarcasm Opera completely being able to correspond as for it is not only being regrettable, the shelf it is and is. by Google Translate