new iPod Nano Interface Screenshots

via Mac Rumors: iPod Nano Interface Screenshots: Events and Cover Flow さて、Appleのスペシャルイベントまで時間がなくなってきたわけですが、今夜は徹夜で追いかけることになるでしょう:P
最後の噂になると思いますが、新しいiPod nanoのです。 スクリーンのサイズは320×240でフラッシュベースになり、容量は12GB or 16GBになるようです。 また、機能面ではiPhotoで新しく搭載された「Events」の機能や、新しい「Cover Flow」が利用できるようになるみたいです。 真実味が強いので、本当になりそう・・・
Well, it is the case there is no time to the special event of Apple, but tonight means to chase with all-night vigil, probably will be: P You think that it becomes last rumor, but it is iPod nano to be new. Size of the screen with the 320×240 becomes the flash base, capacity seems that becomes 12GB or 16GB. In addition, in the functional aspect it was newly loaded with iPhoto the function “of Events” and, it is new, it is like it reaches the point where it can utilize “Cover Flow”. Because sobriety is strong, it may become true,… by Google Translate