GoogleDrive.com: Future Home of GDrive?

via GoogleDrive.com: Future Home of GDrive?
現在はGoogleDrive.comにアクセスすることは出来ませんが、Googleがこのネームサーバーを更新したと言うことはGDriveがリリースされるのは近いのではないかという噂。 このGoogle DriveはおそらくGoogle Appsに組み込まれる物と予想されています。まぁ、噂ですが。 ですが、実際問題GDriveがリリースされて一体どんな風に利用されるんでしょうか? まさか容量無制限のバックアップに利用できるなんてことはないでしょうし、NASのようにネットワークドライブとしてマウントできるようになるということも考えにくいとすると、やはりブラウザでアップロードして容量はこんな感じで支払った分だけ・・・ もう一桁多ければ文句なしなんですが・・・
Presently it is not possible to access GoogleDrive.com, but as for GDrive release Google renewing this name server, as for being done the rumor whether it is not it is close. This Google Drive is expected as those which perhaps are installed in Google Apps. Well, it is rumor, but. But problem GDrive being really done, release it is utilized in one some wind, it is probably will be? Never there is no with some lever which can be utilized in capacity limitless backup probably will be and, like NAS that it is difficult to think also the thing which reaches the point where it can mount as network drive when it does, uploading after all with the browser, as for capacity equal to the amount which is paid with such feeling… Already, if one column it is many, there is no complaint is, but… by Google Translate