Five Facts About Google Phone

via Google Phoneについて判明した新事実 : Gizmodo Japan(ギズモード・ジャパン)

さて、人によってはiPhoneよりも熱狂的な信者がいると思われるGoolge社がリリースすると噂の高い「Google Phone」ですが、それについて信頼性の高い情報筋から5つの重要なポイントがリークされました。

● Linuxベース
● Javaアプリが走る(ブラウザ内だけではなく、もしかするとUI全体がJavaで描かれる可能性も)
● マルチメディアファイル再生可
● 1つのOSが3~5のデバイスで走る、そのデバイスはたぶんHTC製
● UI自体は普通の携帯電話とあまり変わらないが、ブラウザはiPhoneのSafariが使用しているエンジンと同じもの(WebKit)をベースにして、速度アップのためのチューニングを重ねているらしい。

Google Talkが搭載されるのは確実でしょうが、Google Talkってjavaでしたっけ?


Well, that the Goolge corporation which is thought that more feverish believer than iPhone is depending upon the person does release rumor it is high, “Google Phone” is, but five important points leak were done from the information muscle whose reliability is high concerning that.

- Linux base
- Java application runs, (not only the inside of browser, perhaps, possibility the whole UI being drawn with Java)
- Multimedia file playback yes
- one OS runs with the device of the 3~5, that device perhaps HTC make
- UI itself is not different from the normal portable telephone excessively, but the browser has repeated the tuning for speed rise same ones as the engine which Safari of iPhone has used (WebKit) to a base, it seems.

It seems that you can agree upon, they were five points which the kind of air which just a little is different does.

It probably is secure for Google Talk to be loaded, but was Google Talk java?

Google designates announcement earnings as the base truly, if is, the big picture like iPhone efficiency is better, is, but whether the discrimination conversion and the like of iPhone how is reflected on Design it is the pleasure from now: P

by Windows Live Translator