Firefox Extensions cause Memory Leaks and Crashes






The extension which makes firefox heavy (extended function) it is the list.

Firefox Extensions cause Memory Leaks and Crashes - CyberNet News

firefox just ahead 400,000,000 download. The reason opening which is not character and extended function probably is numerous in the former browser.
By your have installed rather many extended functions unless and, it is that, being inconvenient, it is helpless, is: P

The detailed reason and solution method of becoming heavy try listing up assuming that you read ahead linking, temporarily.

* Adblock:: Firefox Add-ons
* All-in-One Gestures:: Firefox Add-ons
* Fasterfox:: Firefox Add-ons
* Firebug:: Firefox Add-ons
* mozdev.org - forecastfox: index
* Google Browser Sync
* Google Web Accelerator Download
* IE Tab:: Firefox Add-ons
* Loki:: Firefox Add-ons
* MediaPlayerConnectivity:: Firefox Add-ons
* Mouseless Browsing:: Firefox Add-ons
* SessionSaver
* Tabbrowser Extensions (TBE)

As for extended function of last one it has not utilized, but because method above is permanent station necessary extended function, it is the just a little surprise and agreement.

Recently, because amount used of memory there is no fragment, also is firefox probably that time of the second look has come?
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