Analyzing Competitors with Google Trends

via Analyzing Competitors with Google Trends - CyberNet News Google Trendsというキーワードを二つ以上入力するとそのキーワードがインターネット上でどれだけ話題になっているかをグラフにして返してくれるというGoogleのサービスですが、これを用いて対立している物を比べてみました。
まずは、デジタルオーディオプレイヤーとしての2大巨頭のAppleのiPodとMicrosoftのZune。 iPodと比較できる対象はないんじゃないかと思う。 ちなみに新しく発売されたiPod ClassicとiPod touchを比較してみたけど、データが無いみたいで結果が帰ってこなかった。
さて次は、自分もどちらの有料サービスに課金しようか悩んでいるYahooのFlickrとGoogleのPicasa。 Blogを書く人は大体がFlickrを使用しているように思うので、想像以上にPicasaが伸びていて驚いた。ただ、これは写真管理ソフトのPicasaも含まれていると思うのでそちらの評価も高いというとでしょうか。 安いFlickrか便利なPicasaか本当に迷います:(
お次はブラウザの話題に関する比較です。 純粋なシェアとしてはIEがだんとつなはずですが、実際に話題になっているのはfirefoxが一番でした。safariもWindows版を発表したとき以降はIEよりも多く話題にされています。 せっかくなのでOperaも混ぜてみましたが、話題性とシェアは比例しないんだなぁ~
オタクな話題ですが、涼宮ハルヒとらきすたを比べてみました。 以外なのが涼宮ハルヒの話題性の立ち上がり方。ピーク時に至るまでに2ヶ月近くかかっています。それに比べてらきすたは最初からクライマックスで、京都アニメーションへの期待感の表れでしょうか?
最後は日本限定でニコニコ動画とYouTubeを比較してみました。 youtubeが圧倒的なのは当たり前としても、ニコニコ動画の健闘も凄いと思う。確実な成長と言えるでしょう。 地味に面白いので Google Trendsで遊んでみるのも良いと思います。 最大5つまでキーワードを入力できます。
When the keyword, Google Trends two or more is input that keyword on Internet how much has become topic, in the graph it is the service of Google that returns, but it tried comparing those which have been opposed making use of this. First, Zune of iPod and Microsoft of Apple of 2 large leaders as a digital audio prayer. There is no object which can be compared with iPod that you think whether it is it is not. By the way however it tried comparing iPod Classic and iPod touch which are sold newly, being like there is no data, the result did not return. Well as for the next, by your will rate in either pay service, Picasa of Flickr and Google of Yahoo which has been troubled. Because the person who writes Blog thinks in order generally to use Flickr, Picasa having extended above imagining, you were surprised. Simply, because as for this you think that also Picasa of the photograph management software is included, when you say that also that appraisal is high, probably will be? Cheap Flickr convenient Picasa it is perplexed truly: ( The next is the comparison regarding the topic of the browser. Is IE, as a pure share it is with it is cord expectation, but firefox it was first really to become topic. When also safari announces Windows edition, later to be more than IE is made topic. Because with special care is, it tried mixing also Opera, but topic characteristic and share are not proportionate, it is, the ~ Mania it is topic, but it tried comparing Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star. Being other than the is topic characteristic of Haruhi Suzumiya method of standing up. Until at the time of peak nearly 2 months it is required. Is Lucky Star from first with the climax, probably the manifestation of the expectation to the Kyoto animation in comparison with that? End tried comparing happy animated picture and YouTube with the Japanese limitation. As for youtube being preponderant as natural, you think that also good fight of happy animated picture is enormous. You can call secure growth, probably will be. Because it is funny plainly, you think that also it is good to try playing with Google Trends. Keyword can be input up to maximum of five. by Google Translate