YouTube tests viewer-friendly ad format

via グーグル、ついにYouTubeで新広告フォーマットを展開へ:ニュース - CNET Japan




しかし、問題はテキストデータと違って動画は中身を完全に把握するのは難しく、広告が適切なコンテンツに表示されるか。そして、それによってブランドイメージが傷つかないか という問題もあるみたいです。


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Since in October 2006 purchasing YouTube at 1,650,000,000 dollar, it is first announcement.

Like former animated picture announcement it is not to insert the announcement of 15 seconds in front and back, overlay announcement 10 seconds is indicated in midst of animated picture, so is.

Presently as for announcement it is not inserted yet, but seeing by all means, it is like.

But, as for problem as for animated picture as for grasping content completely it is difficult different from the text data, it is indicated in the contents whose announcement is appropriate? It is like there is also a problem whether brand image is not hurt and, with that.

Now, YouTube where cost of maintenance is required bears the money, it probably is to become “the egg of the gold”?: P