Skypeログイン障害とSkype Pro

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Skype のログイン障害の本当の原因はまだ完全には解明できていないようですが、ユーザーの中でサーバーのような権限をもつスーパーユーザーがWindowsの定例アップデートによって再起動が同時に起きた事により、Skype自体のネットワークを管理できなくなりダウンしてしまったということだそうです。


もう一つ発表されたことは”Skype Pro”です。

Skype Proはヘビーユーザー向けの月額300円のプランで、海外では固定電話への通話機能がありますが日本だと300円では採算が合わないらしく日本では固定電話への通話機能はありません。

Skype Pro

Still completely being able to elucidate the true cause of the login obstacle of Skype it seems that is not, but the notion that where it probably will put out the super user which has the authority like the server in the user it became not be able to manage the network of Skype itself with the fact that restart occurred simultaneously due to the conventional update of Windows, knocked down, is.

Until now you think that splendid thing Skype is accustomed largely without many things it means that itself and.

What is announced another is” Skype Pro”.

As for Skype Pro with plan of month amount 300 Yen for heavy user, in the foreign country there is a telephone call function to the fixing telephone, but when it is Japan, for 300 Yen profit is not agreeable to seem, in Japan there is no telephone call function to the fixing telephone.
Because by your Skype has not been used, you do not understand whether just which it becomes convenient, but 300 Yen it puts out convenience so: P
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