OS X Based iPods at Media Event in September?

via Mac OSX搭載の次期iPod、来月後半にも発表か?! - 気になる、記になる…

次世代のiPodはiPhoneの様に"OS X"を採用するのではないかという噂です。


iPod nanoなどはコンシューマー向けを意識させたりとか・・・


IPod of the next generation like iPhone is the rumor whether it is not to adopt " OS X ".

It is like there is also information that you witnessed full screen iPod, and, to some extent the time where information of new model is good appearing is because?

Because design it was modified to the feeling which iMac is conscious of iPhone in order for iPod to be close, also the possibility of being modified is thought sufficiently, (?)
iPod nano and the like makes of for the consumer be conscious…

If it is next month, everything understands :P
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