How Docs & Spreadsheets grew at Google

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Google社内におけるDocs & Spreadsheetsの利用状況の報告です。




It is the funny article.
It is report of the utilization circumstance of Docs & Spreadsheets in inside the company Google.

Official Google Docs & Spreadsheets Blog: How Docs & Spreadsheets grew at Google

Among 87% of the employees who work with Google past utilizing within 1 weeks, you say that 96% past has utilized within 1 months, considerable high activity ratio.

Starting the private software certainly one by one, the mail sending the file which it retains with something rather than, the one which from first is completed to with last Web is convenient and it can leave also backup.

Simply, when it compares with native application, because operation feels heavily, we want improving this point, is.
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