Google reverses itself on video refunds

via グーグル、ビデオ返金に関する方針を撤回:ニュース - CNET Japan

前に書いたGoogle Videoのコンテンツ販売、終了の時にも疑問になった、有料コンテンツの返金方法がGoogle Checkoutのクレジットでのみということを撤廃し、クレジットカードで返金することを可能とした。



Google Translate
Even at the time of the contents sale and end of Google Video which is written before it became doubt, it abolished repayment method of the pay contents with only the credit of Google Checkout, it made that it repays with the credit card possible.

It is like the Video contents are made to concentrate on YouTube as Google.

Buying the pay contents of Google, a little now in relief the shank: P