Adobe Flex Builder 3 Review

次から次にBeta版を展開してくるFlex関連の最新となる総合開発環境Flex Builder 3

【コラム】イマドキのIDE事情 (13) Adobe AIRにも対応! Flex Builder 3 | マイコミジャーナル


それを強力に補ってくれるのがFlex Builder 3です。

ちなみにFlex Builder 3はまだBeta版で30日間しか使用することが出来ませんが、Flex Builder 2のシリアルを用いればきちんと認証してくれます。

The comprehensive development environment Flex Builder 3 where the relation of Flex which develops Beta edition next from the next becomes up-to-date

After all as for strength of the GUI builder when producing Flex and AIR, you think that it becomes the highest strength.
In addition, convenience of the editor of ActionScript3.0 is the birthplace Eclipse transferring.

If SDK is used, being gratuitous, also it is possible to develop, but it is difficult considerably to utilize the strength of free Flex to expression of the visual aspect, is.
The fact that it supplies that powerfully is Flex Builder 3.

But by the way Flex Builder 3 can use still only 30 days in Beta edition, if the serial of Flex Builder 2 is used, you certify securely.
Now, the development of AIR perfection: P
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