Google : What Time It Is

via Google Tells You What Time It Is
Googleの検索ボックスハック新しい機能が追加されたようです。 「Time in ○○」 で○○の都市の現在の時間を表示してくれます。 おそらく見ている人の時間帯をベースに出力してくれると思います。 現在、日本語のユーザーインターフェースのままではこの機能は有効ではありません。使いたいのなら一度「言語設定」を英語にしなければなりません。 自分の住んでいる場所の時間を知りたいというニーズは少ないでしょうが、好きな場所の現在の時刻を手軽に知ることが出来るのは便利と思います。
The search box hack of Google it seems that new function is added. “Time in ~~” So present time of the city of the ~~ is indicated. You think that the time zone of the person who is seen perhaps is output to the base. Presently, with while it is Japanese user interface as for this function it is not effective. We would like to use, if is, one time “language setting” must be designated as English. The needs that are little, we would like to know the time of the place where by your have lived probably will be, but as for being possible to know the present time favorite of the place easily, you think that it is convenient. by Google Translate