Google Desktop for the Mac in 9 more languages

Google Desktop for the Macの新しいバージョンがリリースされ、日本語を含む9カ国語に対応しました。

Mac OS Xに搭載されているSpotlightとどちらが効果的なんでしょう?

それにもうすぐ新しいMac OS X Leopardがリリースされる予定ですので、今後Google Desktopがどのようになっていくのかは気になるところです。


The version whose Google Desktop for the Mac is new was done, release corresponded to 9 national languages which include Japanese.

Google desktop - download

Spotlight which is loaded onto Mac OS X either one probably is effective what?

Because already immediately new Mac OS X Leopard is the schedule which release is done to that, whether in the future Google Desktop how keeps becoming it is about to become matter of concern.

Windows edition is used, but the past record of Web very convenience:)
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